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We are curious and inquisitive by nature. Our blog is a vehicle for our musings, observations, thoughts, technical debates and discoveries. It also shows insights into our daily jobs.

Quick tips to enhance your gitlab issue workflow, part one (en)

Quick tips we have adopted to customized the Gitlab CE issue tracker to our needs
published by Grégoire Welraeds, managing partner at i-logs on 14/07/2020

Fin de support pour Windows 7 (fr)

Microsoft a mis fin au support du système d'exploitation Windows 7 ce 14 janvier 2020. Quels conséquences?
published by i-Logs Support Team on 23/01/2020

JiTsi Hosting (fr)

A partir du 20 Avril 2020, i-Logs propose un service d'héberbement pour tous vos besoins de téléconférence
published by gregoire.welraeds@i-logs.com on 20/01/2020

FortiGate - nouveau firmware avec des correctifs sécurités (fr)

Mise à disposition un nouveau firmware pour les firewall FortiGate utilisant la version 5.6.x ou 6.0.x du FortiOS
published by i-Logs Support Team on 02/08/2019

I-logs Offices exceptional closure (fr)

i-logs offices are exceptionally closed on the 22st of July 2019
published by i-Logs Support Team on 18/07/2019

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